Games on Campus


Soccer is the most popular game on campus. It also happens to be the national pastime. Every year, the school uncovers a wealth of new talent, students with skills good enough to play professional football (soccer). The school football pitch is usually busy between the hours of 15:00 and 17:00, after school hours. Several teams play against each other. The school sports department supplies the necessary sports equipment like jerseys, footballs, etc. to the various teams.


The school has always been a power house in Athletics despite the fact that the school's training facilities are below average. There is always a pool of talented athletes rearing to go. The school excels in running (short and long distances), high jump and long jump, discus throwing, field hockey, table tennis and soccer. There is always a good school team to represent the school in competitions.



Inter-houses' competitions in the various sports disciplines are held every first term of the academic year. This is how the sports masters and sports department identifies and selects students for the various school teams, players with the requisite skills to represent the school.

This is the most participated extra-curricular activity on campus. Day students usually stay behind to rally behind the houses to which they are affiliated. The winner of the competition is crowned with a trophy and no one house over the years has won it for 3 consecutive times due to its keen nature.


The Inter-schools competition, popularly known as " interco" is held twice every academic year. This competition is organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sports. The competition is usually held at a selected regional stadia, where selected second cycle educational institutions compete against each other in the various sports disciplines. It is held at the regional levels every year. It is through these competitions that the Ministry of Sports identifies the talented sports men and women and selects them to train with the national teams.

EBENEZER Senior High School has over the years been in the lime light in most of the sporting disciplines. Ebenezer has dominated, particularly in Athletics, table tennis, field hockey, handball and football and has a lot of trophies to show for these.